“Payback” Moon Chae Won, “I was amazed by Lee Sun Kyun’s humane acting while working with him”

Moon Chae Won talked about “Payback” cast and her chemistry with Lee Sun Kyun.

Moon Chae Won and Lee Sun Kyun worked together for the first time through SBS’s “Payback”. This is a delightful revenge drama about money trader Eun Yong (Lee Sun Kyun) and military judicial officer Joon Kyung (Moon Chae Won) fighting a money cartel that colluded with the law.

Earlier at “Payback” press conference, Moon Chae Won said, “I had always dreamed of working with senior actor Lee Sun Kyun”. After the drama ended, she shared, “I think my acting chemistry with Lee Sun Kyun was great.”

Moon Chae-won

She continued, “I’ve watched various movies and dramas featuring Lee Sun Kyun. I realized that his acting spectrum was very wide. While working with him, I could get that feeling I imagined when watching his works. It was amazing”.

The actress explained, “We normally have expectations, and I think it was exactly like what I expected. How should I describe this?… I could feel Lee Sun Kyun’s humanity while acting with him. It was great to get that feeling when we worked together. That’s why I said I realized the vibe of him that I imagined after watching various dramas and movies.”

Moon Chae Won added, “I relied on him and filmed the scenes comfortably. I was like, ‘Wow, he did so well’, all the time.”

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Moon Chae Won did not forget to talk about Kim Mi Sook, with whom she reunited as mother and daughter after 13 years since “Brilliant Legacy”.

The actress shared, “I think I was very lucky. I was afraid that we wouldn’t look like mother and daughter on the screen. Fortunately, Kim Mi Sook became my mother. Playing mother and daughter with her helped me immerse myself in the story even more”.

Regarding Kim Mi Sook, Moon Chae Won confessed, “She’s still beautiful as always. Whenever I’m with her, other people tell us that we look good together”, adding “I like this drama more because she said its story was good”.

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She also mentioned several stories with Kang Yoo Seok and Park Hoon. Revealing that she thought Kang Yoo Seok, who played Jang Tae Chun, was very young when they first met, Moon Chae Won said, “He was like a little brother. He looked much younger before wearing the suit and becoming his character. I took care of Yoo Seok more because he’s like a younger brother to me.” As for Park Hoon, the actress explained, “Maybe it was our second time working together, we were comfortable with each other. Unlike his role, he’s actually a playful person.”

Source: Daum

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