Park Si-yeon appeared in public for the first time after her drunk driving accident… Netizens gave mixed responses on whether her 2-year self-reflection is enough

Did Park Si-yeon complete her self-reflection for the drunk driving accident? Some people show warm support while others think it’s still too early.

Actress Park Si-yeon attended the 2022 DDP K-Culture Design Plaza “Miss Gee Collection” 23 S/S Season Show held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Seoul on the afternoon of October 7th.

This is her first time making an official appearance at a public event since her drunk driving accident. 

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Park Si-yeon, who appeared at the event dressing up in a beige coat, posted photos of other actresses, such as Lee Min-jung, on her SNS account.

Park Si-yeon had her first photo time after a while as if she was making an official comeback. Smiling brightly in front of the photo wall, the actress showed off her ageless beauty. 

Starting with this event, Park Si-yeon is expected to start her acting and modeling activities in earnest.

park si yeon

In this regard, netizens reacted, “Spending nearly two years for self-reflection is already a hard thing for an actress. Let’s watch her return with warm support as much as the time she had spent on reflecting on herself”, “Her performance she will show in the future is more important. I hope she will present a move that will serve as a good example for society”, etc., raising anticipation for Park Si-yeon’s comeback. 

However, some said, “Isn’t drunk driving a serious social issue? I think higher moral standards should be required. Isn’t that what she has to pay for since you’re a celebrity?”, claiming that it is still a little early for the actress to resume her activities.

park si yeon

Meanwhile, in January last year, Park Si-yeon crashed into a car waiting for a left turn signal in Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul while intoxicated. Since then, she spent nearly two years off for self-reflection and has resumed her SNS activities only recently. Park Si-yeon has been sharing photos taken with her friends and her daily life moments with fans.

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