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Park Na-eon cried because of her ex-boyfriend Jung Hyun-kyu on “Transit Love 2,” had to stop filming

In “Transit Love 2,” Park Na-eon shed tears over her gratitude for her ex-boyfriend Jung Hyun-kyu.

In the latest episode of TVing “Transit Love 2,” which was released on Oct 7th, the residents had one-on-one secret conversations with each other.

In this episode, Sung Hae-eun asked for a conversation with Park Na-eon, the ex-girlfriend of Jung Hyun-kyu, who she is getting to know. Park Na-eon cheered, saying that she sincerely hoped that her ex Jung Hyun-kyu and Sung Hae-eun would be happy together.

Park Na-eon

Later, in an interview with the production team, Park Na-eon said, “This person (Seong Hae-eun) is really a gemstone, and (Jung Hyun-kyu) seems to be a person who can cut and sharpen her into more like a jewel. But for me and Jin-sol…” she stopped mid- sentence.

Jin-sol is the name made by Jung Hyun-kyu with the heart of living with a new mind when he was studying in the past. It is also the name Park Na-eon called him by when she was in a relationship with Jung Hyun-kyu.

Park Na-eon

Park Na-eon said, “I guess he didn’t know because I didn’t call him Jin-sol all this time. I’m crying because I’m thankful,” she said in tears and eventually asked for the shooting to stop.

Park Na-eon, who continued the interview after recovering her emotions, said, “I was young, and I think Jin-sol taught me the world. I lived in Seoul alone, so I couldn’t adapt, wandered, and was lethargic,” she said. “Now I’m a very developmental and positive person, but I don’t think I could have become this person without Jin-sol.”

Park Na-eon

She then added, “Even when he was in difficult situations himself, he always tried to trust me and help me, and he tried to do everything he could for me. I think we grew up together. I think I changed a lot in a good way as I date Hyun-kyu. I’m so grateful for those things, I could cry,” she said, expressing her gratitude to Jung Hyun-kyu.

Park Na-eon cheered for Jung Hyun-kyu and Sung Hae-eun, saying, “Hae-eun is also a person with a lot of wounds, and Hyun-kyu just looks at her as she is. I think she can think of Hyun-kyu as greatly as I couldn’t before, so I wish they can be together.”

Park Na-eon

Park Na-eon and Jung Hyun-kyu are ex-lovers who dated for a total of one year and two months from April 2018 to November 2018, and from April 2019 to November 2019. The two are appearing in TVing’s ‘Transit Love 2’.

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