Park Min Young’s visuals: transformed after plastic surgery, declined due to weight loss, now gorgeous again 

As a Korean icon of plastic surgery, Park Min Young and her many visual transformations have always been the talk of town. 

Park Min Young is a rare celebrity who proudly admitted she had plastic surgery. With her outstanding visuals, dedication, and outstanding performances, the actress receives a lot of support. However, several appearances of hers in the past led to speculations that they were consequences of her old surgeries. 

Recently though, the public are taken aback at Park Min Young’s perfect visuals again. In fact, she looks as astounding as early in her career, to the point that people even dub the actress a “beauty magician”.  

From an average girl to visual goddess after plastic surgery 

When asked to rate her appearance back when she was young, Park Min Young said she only looked average, and thus decided to get plastic surgery to pursue acting. 

Park Min Young

She ended up making a life-changing decision, and her career also improved drastically with her beauty. 

The actress’ bright and attractive facial visuals are admired by many girls. She also has a beauty that is appreciated by both men and women. 

Park Min Young

With fair skin, a tall nose bridge, shining eyes, and harmonious facial features, Park Min Young easily attracts attention wherever she goes. 

The actress also confidently admitted that she has plastic surgery, despite the Korean entertainment preferring “natural beauties”. Nevertheless, with her personality, determination, and talent, the actress still manages to make a name for herself. 

Park Min Young

Park Min Young is nicknamed “the queen of plastic surgery” despite actually getting very few procedures done. Instead, she earned the nickname due to her extremely natural-looking results and is even considered a “beauty standard” in Korea. 

Declining visuals, suspected to have got additional cosmetic procedures

In 2022, Park Min Young spotted a rather strange-looking appearance when she starred in the K-drama “Love in Contract”. 

Park Min Young
Park Min-young

No longer boasting her iconic sweet and youthful beauty, the actress looked stiff and rather “unnatural”

Her cheekbones and chin became visible due to intense weight loss

Some audiences even accused Park Min Young of getting additional plastic surgery

Gorgeous once again 

In September 2022, Park Min Young was revealed to be dating a wealthy CEO who was involved in a lot of scams. The actress’ side later revealed she had broken up with the CEO, leading to her being praised for “doing the right thing”. In November, Park Min Young appeared again, and this time blew people away with her recovered visuals, which was no less outstanding as early in her career. 

park min young

At the 2022 AAA which was held in December, netizens couldn’t help but admire Park Min Young’s shining beauty, which is both chic and mature yet eternally youthful 

Park Min Young AAA thumbnail
Park Min Young

After witnessing Park Min Young’s recent appearance, many believed that her previous “declining visuals” was simply due to weight loss instead of plastic surgery. At the same time, the actress is praised to be “the epitome of self-management”.

Source: k14

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