Park Min Young transformed into a tough girl isolated by her colleagues in new drama starring Song Kang

Park Min Young received many compliments for her beautiful appearance.

Recently, Park Min Young and Song Kang participated in a program to promote the drama “Forecasting Love and Weather”. In the show, Park Min Young introduced her character. “Jin Ha Kyung started working at a young age and in an environment she likes. However, Jin Ha Kyung is a bit tough and domineering. So she is a loner. However, Jin Ha Kyung will change eventually after going through many things.”

Sharing her feelings about the drama, Park Min Young said, “I think ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ is not just a simple love story but a drama that captures everyone’s story. As it’s my first work in a long time, I’m really excited.”

Park Min Young Forecasting Love and Weather

Meanwhile, Song Kang described the character Lee Si Woo as “a taciturn and unpredictable child with daily life, but extremely talented when it comes to the weather”. Talking about the drama “Forecasting Love and Weather”, Song Kang revealed, “When I first received the script, my first impression was that it felt very warm-hearted. I thought it would be a really warm-hearted and charming drama”.

Park Min Young Forecasting Love and Weather

Yoon Bak will play Han Ki Joon, Jin Ha Kyung’s unfaithful ex-boyfriend, in this upcoming drama. Sharing about his character, Yoon Bak said, “Han Ki Joon wants to impress and look good in front of others. However, he has shortcomings and often faces failures.” .

Park Min Young Forecasting Love and Weather
Yoon Bak plays Han Ki Joon

Yura (Girl’s Day) takes on the role of daily weather reporter Chae Yoo Jin, who starts her job with big dreams and is disappointed when she starts working in reality. “Chae Yoo Jin is not independent at work, so she feels anxious and insecure. However, Chae Yoo Jin is also very determined to succeed.”

Park Min Young Forecasting Love and Weather
Yura (Girl’s Day) takes on the role of Chae Yoo Jin


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