Park Jin Young shared what Bang Si Hyuk texted him after his collab stage with Hwa Sa

MAMAMOO Hwa Sa welcomed her first guest on “Hwa Sa Show”, Park Jin Young.

On Dec 17th, Hwa Sa kickstarted her first solo show on tvN, titled “Hwa Sa Show.”

In the 1st episode, Hwa Sa said, “I might disappear after this episode. You would never know how anxios I was for weeks because I heard in advance that this guest was coming on my show,” while waiting for guest Park Jin Young.

Park Jin Young Hwasa

Park Jin Young brought champagne and a bouquet of flowers for Hwa Sa, saying, “It’s a champagne bottle made in the year you debuted.”

Park Jin Young then said to Hwa Sa, “Are you confident that you can do well? Are you good at talking to people you’ve never seen before or don’t know?” Hwa Sa jokingly said, “I can’t,” which made people laugh.

Hwa Sa said, “Sometimes I’m not confident and there are things I don’t want to do, but looking back, the things I didn’t want to do always became a turning point for me. This show was almost 99% scary, but now it’s calming for me,” she explained.

Park Jin Young Hwasa

“When I heard that you were coming to my show, I tried to think about things that comes up when I thought of you. I wanted to greet you with a little bit of this song,” she said, singing James Brown’s “I Feel Good.”

Hwa Sa then asked Park Jin Young about the “plastic pants”. Park Jin Young said, “Back then, we couldn’t wear sunglasses and earrings on broadcast. We couldn’t shown our belly buttons too. It’s obvious that there’s a sense of opposition against that. I even wore different clothes for the camera rehearsal, but suddenly changed during the main broadcast.”

park jin young

Hwa Sa drew attention in 2019 with her collab stage with Park Jin Young in plastic pants. Park said, “I got a text from Si Hyuk. He complimented, ‘You tore up the stage.’ I think it’s a moment that will last forever in my singer career.”

Hwa Sa confessed, “I did a lot of things with other singer seniors, but I think you’re the first person to scold me,” adding, “Before that stage, I received so many text messages after every practice. Things like ‘Hwa Sa, your bounce is…’ I changed my cell phone and the evidence is all gone, but he explained many things to me.” Afterward, she added, “I have decided not to collab with him again.”

Source: Xports News

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