Park Eun-bin’s “The King’s Affection” is announced as the final nomination for the International Emmy Award’s Telenovela category

“The King’s Affection” is nominated as the final candidate for the 50th International Emmy Awards’s Telenovela.

The King’s Affection” (written by Han Hee-jung, directed by Song Hyun-wook and Lee Hyun-seok), which ended in December last year, is a historical royal drama that takes place when a child, born as one of a pair of twins but abandoned just because she is a girl, becomes the crown prince after the death of her brother. The show received a lot of love by smoothly unraveling the theme of a “crossdressed female king” and the fateful romantic story of historical dramas. This show proved the global popularity of Korean historical dramas by recording the highest viewer rating in Korea and reaching the most-watched content of 12 countries and the 4th worldwide  (source: Flix Patrol) as it was released worldwide through the OTT Netflix. In addition, it won the International Competition category (writer Han Hee-jung) at the Seoul Drama Awards held on the Sep 22nd.

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“The King’s Affection” was nominated for the Telenovela category at the 50th International Emmy Awards for television works outside the United States. Spanish, Brazilian and Chinese works will compete with Korea’s “The King’s Affection,” and the main award will be announced at the awards ceremony in New York on November 22th (local time). Expectations are high on whether “The King’s Affection” will be the first Korean drama to win the International Emmy Award.

Kim Han-sang and Ahn Chang-hyun, CEO of Arc Media, said, “We are very grateful and happy that ‘The King’s Affection’, which was loved by viewers around the world, has been nominated for the International Emmy Award. We are also proud that the charm of Korean historical dramas is working worldwide. We hope we can give you good news in November.”

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“The King’s Affection” is also highly expected to win by viewers as one of Park Eun-bin‘s best works. The drama has been steadily loved by viewers even after it ended.

Source: Daum

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