“Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” Lee Ji Ah falls from ladder because of Han Soo Yeon

In tvN’s weekend drama “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise”, which premiered on March 11th, Han Soo Yeon intentionally caused Lee Ji Ah to fall.

Lee Ji Ah Pandora-Beneath the Paradise

Hong Yu Ra (Han Soo Yeon) called Hong Tae Ra and urgently said that she was in trouble.

When it was almost time for VIP customers to arrive, Hong Yu Ra became hysterical as she ran out of time. Hong Tae Ra, who appeared late, said, “Are you going to be angry?” She climbed the ladder and adjusted the position of the mannequin herself.

Seeing this, Hong Yu Ra pulled the electric wire tied to the ladder. Surprised, Hong Tae Ra grabbed the chandelier and hung on.

However, as the chandelier fell, Hong Tae Ra also fell down. Various situations unfolded in her head.

Hong Yu Ra, who was watching Hong Tae Ra undergoing the brain test, asked Dr. Kang, “What do you think will happen?” Dr. Kang replied, “We stimulate her by the memory circuit as much as possible, so her memory will gradually come back. Please stop the medications she is taking. It will help her recover her memory.

Meanwhile, tvN’s weekend drama “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” airs at 9:10 PM.

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