“Pachinko” Lee Min-ho shared, “Pulling off the 1930s fashion? I consider it a weapon

“Pachinko” actor Lee Min-ho confessed his feeling about playing a period drama and his carefulness in styling.

At the online press conference for Apple TV+’s original series “Pachinko”, which was held on the morning of March 18th, Lee Min-ho introduced his new work and character.

Lee Min-ho-Pachinko

In this drama, Lee Min-ho plays the role of Hansu, who lives in the 1930s. He pulls off the suit fashion with a fedora.

At the press conference, Lee Min-ho greeted, “First of all, I think the most exciting and enjoyable thing is to be able to always greet everyone through my works”.

Lee Min-ho-Pachinko

He added, “I think today has become more special because I’m delivering my greeting from LA”. 

In addition, Lee Min-ho said, “As for my outfits, I personally poured out lots of thoughts for them. Rather than thinking considering outfits in that period of time as simple styling, I think it’s a means, a weapon to express myself more strongly and defend myself against the meaning of individuals’ clothes.”

Lee Min-ho-Pachinko

The actor continued, “Considering that, I’ve tried so many outfits. I styled myself with such clothes to represent Hansu’s feelings and hide the character’s identity”.

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