“Pachinko” Jin Ha apologizes for illegal filming and sexual harassment controversies

While Korean-American actor Jin Ha’s past illegal filming and sexual harassment remarks were at the center of controversy, he deleted his SNS posts and apologized.

jin ha

On March 26th, Jin Ha wrote on his homepage, “Thank you for this opportunity to address a failing in my past that was long overdue. You are absolutely right. My ‘Korean Flowers in Bloom’ Tumblr account from 2011 should not have been made at all.”

Jin Ha explained, “It was a breach of privacy for the elder women featured, and many of my captions were inappropriate. I deeply regret my actions, and I apologize for them. I was wrong to take these photos 11 years ago and post them online. I was negligent in allowing these photos and captions of people I did not know personally to stay online. We requested Tumblr to delete this account immediately – which they have done. ‘Korean Flowers in Bloom’ is no longer online.”


Then he confessed, “I sincerely apologize to the senior women whom I photographed. I apologize, as well, to the viewers whom I offended with this Tumblr account. My lack of judgment in 2011 has been pointed out by readers wiser than I have proved to be, and I am grateful for that.”

Finally, Jin Ha added, “Thank you again for granting me this chance to rectify this blunder of a blog and for bringing it to my attention when it should have been clear to me from the beginning. I will work diligently to learn from this mistake so that I may never repeat it going forward.”

Meanwhile, Apple’s original series “Pachinko” is a story that begins with forbidden love and depicts an unforgettable chronicle of war, peace, love, separation, victory and judgment between Korea, Japan and the United States. In the drama, Jin Ha plays Solomon Baek, the grandson of Sun-ja (Youn Yuh-jung).

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