Outrage over “The Glory” Merchandise that is said to Disrespect School Violence Victims

Netflix’s “The Glory,” which depicts the revenge of a victim of school violence, has been gaining immense popularity since the recent release of Part 2.

However, controversy has arisen on social media regarding character merchandise for the drama, which is said to mock school violence victims.

Recently, a post titled “The Glory badge seller who’s selling out on Twitter” has been shared on various Korean online communities. A seller was found selling badges based on the female lead Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) of “The Glory.”


The badges are based on a scene in “The Glory” where Moon Dong Eun shows Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun) the scars from being a victim of school violence on her body.

Netizens who saw the merchandise being sold on Twitter pointed out that it could be seen as mocking school violence victims. They argued that creating products based on the scars of a victim could be seen as a form of “secondary violence” against the victims themselves.


After the controversy arose, the seller posted an apology stating that they had refunded all customers. They wrote that the idea behind producing merchandise based on the scars of school violence was to keep an important scene from the drama, but they had lacked empathy. 

The seller also apologized to any school violence victims who were hurt by the merchandise.

However, the seller is still selling merchandise related to “The Glory” and other content through the same account.

Source: Insight

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