“Our Blues” Shin Min-ah turned serious after Lee Byung Hun’s kiss: “I like you?”

Shin Min-ah gave a straight face at Lee Byung-hun’s kiss.

In tvN’s weekend drama “Our Blues,” which aired on April 10th, Lee Dong-seok (played by Lee Byung-hun) kissed Min Seon-ah (played by Shin Min-ah).

Our Blues-Lee Byung-hun-Shin Min-ah

Min Sun-ah and Lee Dong-seok was enjoying a beach drive all night. Lee Dong-seok suddenly kissed Seon-ah while getting drunk on the atmosphere, and she said, “I’m going to Seoul. Call the car,” showing an unwelcome response. Lee Dong-seok said, “So you don’t like it. Okay, I’ll take you home,” and took away her cell phone. 

Our Blues-Lee Byung-hun-Shin Min-ah

Lee Dong-seok, whose pride has been hurt, said, “How can a man and a woman go all the way here just to see the sea from Seoul at night? Don’t call me oppa. Do you and I have the same parents? Why am I your oppa? I’m a man, you’re a woman. To be honest, you don’t hate me, that’s why you met me every day, went with me to the club, and chased me to this faraway sea.” 

Our Blues-Lee Byung-hun-Shin Min-ah

Min Seon-ah then said, “Me? Oppa? I like you?” she was dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, “Our Blues” is a drama that supports the sweet and bitter life of everyone from all walks of life at the end, peak, or beginning of their time.

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