“Our Blues” Kim Woo-bin found Shin Min-ah jumping into the sea… the real-life couple acting in one scene drew the viewers’ attention

Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin caught the attention of drama viewers as they recently acted as strangers in “Our Blues”.

In the 6th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues”, which aired on April 24th, captain Park Jung-joon (Kim Woo-bin) saw Min Seon-ah (Shin Min-ah) jumping into the sea.

Our Blues

On the broadcast, Min Seon-ah went to Jeju Island while being at a disadvantage after starting a dispute over custody of her son with her divorced husband. Min Seon-ho, who is having a career interruption after encountering a car accident due to her depression, was on the verge of losing her son to her ex-husband.

Our Blues

Min Seon-ah came to the bar where Lee Young-ok (Han Ji-min) and Park Jung-joon (Kim Woo-bin) were having a sweet moment of their love. Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) also came to the bar and found Min Seon-ah. He went out and then came back in. Min Seon-ah said “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll leave” and left the bar.

Our Blues

Lee Young-ok, Park Jung-joon and Jung Eun-hee (Lee Jung-eun) drew attention as they were watching Lee Dong-seok and Min Seon-ah. Later, at the end of the episode, Park Jung-joon, who was about to take Lee Young-ok and other haenyeos on board and go to the sea, noticed Min Seon-ha standing alone on the breakwater. Park Jung-joon kept looking at Min Seon-ah, and as soon as a haenyeo shouted, “Someone jumped into the water”, he turned the boat around to save Min Seon-ah.

Our Blues

The real couple Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin’s cool acting performances in one drama brought more fun and immersion to the viewers. Other casts Lee Byung-hun, Han Ji-min and Lee Jung-eun also stood out with their chemistry.

Our Blues

After watching the broadcast, the viewers responded, “The whole nation is keeping an eye on Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin”, “It feels so weird to see a real couple appearing together in one scene”, “I want to know the behind stories of this scene”, “It’s the most interesting scene in today’s episode”, etc. 

Our Blues
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