“Our Beloved Summer” Choi Woo-sik shared, “I’m really close to Kim Da-mi, so I felt shy when filming skinship scenes with her”

Actor Choi Woo-sik, who plays the male lead of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Our Beloved Summer”, recalled his chemistry with fellow actors.

On January 24th, Choi Woo-sik participated in a video interview and expressed his thoughts after “Our Beloved Summer” ended, “I still linger on the drama because the filming was so happy and enjoyable”.

“Our Beloved Summer” is a romance about the ex-lovers who are forcibly summoned to gather again due to the reversed popularity of a documentary they filmed during their high school days. It depicts the complex and subtle emotions experienced by lovers whose love should have ended with, “I’m sick of us being together. Let’s not meet each other again!”.

Choi Woo-sik took on the role of Choi Woong, a free-spirited building illustrator. He reunited with Kook Yeon-soo (Kim Da-mi), his ex-lover, and they enjoyed the greatest time in their life. Choi Woong used to hide himself and had the trauma of being abandoned by his father.

Choi Woosik interview

“Unlike Choi Woong, I tend to express myself honestly”, Choi Woo-sik added, “If I like someone, I will express my feelings a lot. But it was still unfamiliar to show them in front of the camera. Even though I was just acting, I felt a little shy when filming dating scenes at first.”

Regarding the romance with his co-star Kim Da-mi, Choi Woo-sik explained, “Since we have already been close to each other, we filmed the drama comfortably. But I still felt quite embarrassing”. The two once worked together in the movie “The Witch”.

Choi Woo-sik shared, “Kim Da-mi was a friend that I kept in touch with even after ‘The Witch’. At first, I was shy about doing skinships or expressing emotions towards her, but fortunately, I got into the character quickly. It would have been really hard if I hadn’t been immersed in it, but I was able to act comfortably because Kim Da-mi looked like Kook Yeon-soo rather than herself.”

Choi Woosik interview

He also recalled working with Kim Sung-cheol and Noh Jung-eui. He said, “Kim Sung-cheol is a friend I’ve liked for a long time. I met Noh Jung-eui 8~9 years ago when we were child actors, and it’s amazing to have a connection like this. I had fun filming because they were my peers.”

In the drama, Choi Woong finds out that his best friend Kim Ji-woong (Kim Sung-cheol) has a crush on Kook Yeon-soo. Kim Ji-woong liked Kook Yeon-soo for a long time, but he always stepped down quietly for Choi Woong. Choi Woong also noticed Kim Ji-woong’s inner thoughts, but pretended not to know.

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“What if I were Choi Woong? Well… I would have asked Ji-woong. Of course, Choi Woong will wait until Ji-woong speaks. But I think I would have talked to Ji-woong first and thought of a solution.”

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