Date with NCT Lucas… V-Jennie’s hacker leaked EXO Kai’s photo

A photo believed to be a selfie of NCT Lucas and EXO Kai has been leaked, drawing attention.

The photo, believed to be the hacker’s work, showed two men, presumed to be Lucas and Kai, riding a motorcycle while wearing helmets. The hacker, who leaked the photo, is speculated to be the netizen who recently hacked photos of BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V.

Lucas previously suspended his activities in August last year due to controversy over his private life. At that time, A, who claimed to be Lucas’ ex-girlfriend, emphasized, “Lucas is a male gold digger. She said she paid for all the dating expenses during the dating period and even suffered serious gaslighting.

A then revealed that she lost contact with Lucas as soon as she said she would sue him. The controversy arose as A presented the conversation record with Lucas, audio files and photos sent by Lucas as evidence. Afterwards, it was further revealed that Lucas dated many women at once.

Regarding this, his agency SM Entertainment said, “We deeply apologize for upsetting many people, including fans, because of Lucas’ private issues. Lucas is now deeply reflecting on the fact that he has caused great hurt and disappointment by his wrongdoings.” Lucas declared the suspension of his activities, “I sincerely apologize to those who have been hurt by my wrong actions. I want to make sure that this will never happen again and want to stop all scheduled activities to have time to reflect.”

Source: nate

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