ONEUS Ravn to cease activities until clarification of his “love scandal”

ONEUS Ravn was previously accused of cheating, gold-digging, gaslighting, and stalking by his alleged ex-girlfriend.

ONEUS Ravn will cease activities until further notice, and ONEUS will continue their promotion with a 5-member lineup for the time being, according to the newest announcement of RBW. 


In particular, the agency of ONEUS, RBW, issued a statement on October 17th, which said:

“Hello. This is RBW.

We sincerely thank the fans for sending a lot of love and support to the group ONEUS.

We are closely investigating the authenticity of the case, and all activities of member Ravn will be suspended until the fact-checking process is complete. Accordingly, ONEUS will continue all future schedules with a 5-member system.

We inform you that if the dissemination party’s allegations are found to be false facts without a clear basis, we will take strong actions through the law firm in charge. In addition, we have confirmed that the related posts and other members of ONEUS are completely unrelated.

We deeply apologize to the fans who must have been surprised by the sudden news, and we will do our best to check the authenticity more carefully.”

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Previously on October 14th, a Japanese woman, who identified herself as Ravn’s ex-girlfriend, claimed on social media that she had been gaslighted by Ravn. She also revealed that the male idol threatened her before and after their breakup, that she spent a lot of money on him, and that Ravn cheated on her. 

Source: naver

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