“One remaining hope in the Pandora” J-Hope, “J to the Hope. Jung to the Hope”

BTS J-Hope releases his solo album “Jack In The Box” today, drawing high expectations 

J-Hope, a member of the global-famous group BTS, is reborn as a solo artist through his new album and autobiographical record “Jack In The Box”, released at 1pm (KST) on July 15th. 

J-Hope’s album, which was revealed to the media in advance to public release, promotes a heavy hip-hop sound. With his bright and cheerful personality, J-Hope, who is said to be BTS’s mood-maker, shows a different side of himself through new solo tracks. 

The title “Jack In The Box”, which alludes to a toy that will pop out when its box is open, represents the wittiness of its music, as well as emotions of fierce worries and bold aspirations. 

Talking about his album, J-Hope said: “I wanted to show you a new side of me that has never been shown before”, and the new album truly resonates with his statement. In particular, candid thoughts, worries, passion, and aspirations of J-Hope, which were previously tightly pressed within the box, started to bloom through the music.

“Jack In The Box” started with an intro track, before moving onto “Pandora’s Box” and “More”, the double title song that was pre-released back in July 1st. Listening to the song in the order of the album, one’d get a sensation as if they are turning over a bookcase.

Regarding the double title song “More”, J-Hope introduced: “It’s a song about my determination to come out of the box and show new challenges, aspirations, and hopes.

Meanwhile, “STOP (there is no bad person on earth)” contains what J-Hope feels about human nature, and “= (Equal Sign)” portrays the message that people are different in nature and that everyone deserves to be respected. 

After experiencing various songs with heavy sounds, listeners will reach the title “Arson”, which contains a message that J-Hope wants to spread like a fire. The male idol also shared that “Arson” is placed last in the album for it most accurately conveys what he wants to say through his music, and so is the best conclusion.

He said, “If ‘More’ expressed the ambition and greed that rises inside the box, ‘Arson’ contained the thoughts of what choice I would make at the moment when I burn my passion outside the box.”

J-Hope, who wants fans to listen to the song and interpret it freely while watching the music video, confessed that what he wants to say through the album “Jack In The Box” is clear.

I think I grew up by trying new things at every moment, even when I released songs as BTS or when I released solo tracks and mixtapes as J-Hope. This solo album is also the result of many of my challenges. I did my best to show you a new side of me that I’ve never shown before, and on the other hand, I made it in an enjoyable way.

Earlier, the pre-released song “More” debuted at No.82 on Billboard’s main single chart “Hot 100” (week of July 16th). It is the second highest ranking for J-Hope’s solo career on this chart. Previously, J-Hope ranked 81st on the “Hot 100” with “Chicken Noodle Soup” in collaboration with American singer-actress Becky G in 2019.

“Jack In The Box” is also expected to achieve high results on Billboard’s main album chart. J-Hope ranked 38th on the “Billboard 200” with his first mixtape “Hope World” in March 2018.

J-Hope will appear as a headliner on the last day of the U.S. large music festival “LOLLAPALOOZA” on July 31st and perform songs from “Jack In The Box”. This is the first time for a BTS member to appear at a music festival.

J-Hope’s musical ambitions are expected to continue as he sang “just keep on doing my thang (southern American pronunciation of thing)” in “Pandora’s Box”.

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