Once hailed as “world’s most beautiful woman”, this talented idol-actress was once canceled for her visuals

This Korean idol-actress managed to top worldwide beauty ranking charts multiple times. 

Nana, whose real name is Im Jin Ah, was born in 1991, and has worked as a model, idol, and actress in Korea. Once a part of Kpop girl group After School and the famous subunit Orange Caramel, Nana is well known for her outstanding visuals, perfect physique, sharp features, and a noticeably long pair of legs. The idol-actress also managed to rank 1st on TC Candler’s most beautiful woman rankings, and stayed in the top 10 for many years, surpassing familiar faces from top Kpop groups. 

Nana’s side profile is a masterpiece
The idol-actress was hailed as “world’s most beautiful woman”

In 2009, Nana’s career in the entertainment industry officially started when she debuted as a member of Kpop girl group After School, where she quickly drew attention for her spectacular appearance. While the female star had an acting gig back in 2006, this was only a cameo, and it was not until 2015 did she finally start acting again, this time in the Chinese-produced part 2 of “Go Lala Go”. At first, Nana was considered to be a “talentless visual” who only acted to increase her popularity, but she soon turned out to be quite an impressive actress. Her flexible expressions and emotive eyes allowed her to truly shine in “The Good Wife”, followed by various other memorable projects like “Kill It”, “Justice”, “The Swindlers”, and many more. 

Nana as the female lead of “Kill It” 

However, despite being well-recognized for both her talents and beauty on international grounds, Nana was once heavily criticized for her gorgeous appearance in Korea. In particular, Korean netizens used to attack Nana after she was named the most beautiful woman in the world, commenting that her face was nothing remarkable and accusing the idol-actress of buying her first position. Some even dug up Nana’s photos during her school days, and gossiped that the actress got plastic surgery. The situation got so bad at the time, that according to an interview with Newsen, Nana was severely upset and would often burst into tears while reading harsh comments about herself. 

Netizens mocked Nana’s visuals after she was named the most beautiful woman in the world

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