“Nude pictures on phone…” Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica’s hidden side revealed by Sunny

Girl group Girls’ Generation stood in front of fans for the first time in 5 years to celebrate their 15th debut anniversary.

On Sep 3rd, Girls’ Generation successfully held the fan meeting “2022 Girls’ Generation Special Event – Long Lasting Love” to commemorate their 15th debut anniversary at KSPO Dome in Seoul.

On this day, the members started the event with their hit song “Genie” (Sowoneul malhaebwa). Girls’ Generation’s fandom name is “SONE” (Sowon), so it seems that is the reason why they chose “Genie” as the first song.

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Girls’ Generation, which debuted in 2007 with “Into The New World”, has emerged as the strongest Korean girl group by making mega hits every time they release new songs such as “Girls’ Generation” and “Kissing You”.

The nine members of Girls’ Generation continued to be active in various fields. However, Girls’ Generation was changed to an “eight-member system” when Jessica suddenly left the group and founded the fashion company Blanc & Eclare in 2014.


Afterwards, in 2017, only members Taeyeon, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Yuri and Sunny renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment, while Sooyoung, Seohyun and Tiffany nested elsewhere.

However, the members gathered again to repay the love of the fans who have always been by their side. They released their 7th full-length album “FOREVER 1” in August, impressing fans.


Amid Girls’ Generation’s full-group activities after a long time, their past broadcasts are being re-examined, including Sunny’s revelation of Jessica’s hidden side.

When appearing on SBS’ “Strong Heart” in 2010, Sunny complained about “per-sica” (pervert + Jessica).

At that time, Sunny said, “We were in the dressing room changing our clothes. Then I heard this clicking noise. I freaked out and asked the others what that clicking noise was. It turns out that Jessica took a picture.”

Sunny then surprised everyone by saying that she even saw Jessica laughing alone.

At the sudden revelation, Jessica explained, “Only I can have these pictures.” Sunny revealed that there was a “per-sica collection” that contained photos of the members changing clothes.

When MC Lee Seung-gi asked “Did you delete all those pictures?”, Jessica drew attention by replying, “No, I still have them. I’ll use them if there’s a need.”

Meanwhile, Jessica recently finished second on the Chinese girl group audition program “Sisters Who Make Waves” season 3.

Through this program, Jessica re-debuted as a member of a new girl group in China.

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