Now “Human Hulk”, but Ma Dong Seok used to be smaller than Gong Yoo? 

Shocking past images of Ma Dong Seok, where the now muscular actor looks smaller than Gong Yoo, are being re-examined.

The movie “The Roundup“, which stars actor Ma Dong Seok, enjoyed the greatest popularity in home theaters during the Lunar New Year holiday.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, on January 25th, the SBS New Year’s Special, “The Roundup”, which aired the previous day, recorded 12.6% viewer ratings based on nationwide households.

Ma Dong-seok Gong Yoo

This is an impressive number, considering that “The Roundup” is the only New Year’s special film aired on terrestrial channels during the Lunar New Year to exceed 10% in viewership rating. 

In “The Roundup”, Ma Dong Seok, who is known for his nickname “Human Hulk”, stood out with cool action scenes. Ma Dong Seok’s forearms, which are bigger than most adult faces, exude a threatening aura with its existence alone.

Ma Dong-seok Gong Yoo

Surprisingly, however, Ma Dong Seok’s tremendous physicality was actually built with immense effort. In particular, during the movie “Train to Busan” released in 2016, Ma Dong Seok had an average physique. 

At the time, Ma Dong Seok was smaller than Gong Yoo, his co-star in “Train to Busan,” surprising everyone.

The difference in physique between the two became even more prominent during their VLIVE broadcast. As they were wearing the same color T-shirts, it was easy to compare the two actors at a glance. 

Ma Dong-seok Gong Yoo
Ma Dong-seok Gong Yoo

At first glance, Gong Yoo’s shoulders are bigger than those of Ma Dong Seok, and he’s drawn a lot of attention.

Seeing Ma Dong Seok’s small frame in the past compared to his muscles nowadays, netizens left shocked comments such as, “Ma Dong Seok looked so small at the time…”, “Skinny Ma Dong Seok is such an unfamiliar term”, and “Was he born with such a small frame? I am mind-blown”. 

Source: Insight

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