Now 28 years old, BLACKPINK Jisoo is leading a spectacular life 

7 years into her career, BLACKPINK Jisoo now enjoys a spectacular life and career at the age of 28. 

From a no-name trainee at YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK Jisoo now enjoys global popularity at the age of 28. The female idol, once deemed “a talentless visual” who “only gets to debut because of her face”, has since risen above hatred and proven herself as a capable idol and actress. 

blackpink jisoo
BLACKPINK Jisoo drew attention with her visuals immediately after debut 
Blackpink jisoo
However, due to her beauty, Jisoo is often called a “talentless visual” 

Jisoo, who boasts a sweet and traditional appearance that fits Korean beauty standards, is normally thought to only suit a limited number of concepts. However, the female idol never hesitate to try out new styling and never-seen-before images.

In the end, regardless of the style she’s adopting, Jisoo never fails to sway her fans’ hearts. Now that she has reached the age of 28, she seems to flourish even further. 

blackpink jisoo cartier snake necklace
Jisoo is often compared to “Miss Korea” 
blackpink jisoo thumbnail
The BLACKPINK member has tried various stylings and concepts 
Jisoo Blackpink paris fashion week
Thought to be rather restrictive with her image, yet Jisoo surprisingly fit every image 

A lot of haters have mocked Jisoo for being “talentless”, yet the female idol is a well-known hard worker. Through her efforts, she has proven herself to fans and luxury brands alike, and is currently the ambassador for both Dior and Cartier. The brands also treat her extremely well, and for the past 4 years, she always appears on the January cover for leading fashion magazines. 

Dior and Cartier take good care of Jisoo
blackpink jisoo
The BLACKPINK member is the global ambassador for both Dior and Cartier 
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo on the January cover of a leading fashion magazine 

Apart from fashion and commercials, Jisoo also tried her hands at hosting, composing, and acting. She assumed a leading role in the K-drama “Snowdrop”, which managed to achieve huge success despite controversies, and is currently preparing for a solo album. 

Jisoo vogue
Jisoo tries her hands in a lot of entertainment realms 
Blackpink Jisoo-Snowdrop
Her K-drama “Snowdrop” is a huge success 

In addition, Jisoo’s personality has always received a lot of praise. She takes good care of BLACKPINK members, and never fails to acknowledge the efforts of staff. In addition, the female idol recently opened her own YouTube channel, and promises to donate all profits to charity. 

jung hae in jisoo
There’s no denying the stellar personality of Jisoo
Blackpink concert dallas thumbnail
Jisoo takes good care of BLACKPINK members 

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