Not the most successful name of the generation but Apink is better than other 2nd generation girl groups at this

Apink is the only 2nd generation girl group that still works actively among the “forest” 3rd generation idols.

In the past two years, Kpop fans have witnessed a series of regretful disbandment and activities being frozen of the 2nd generation’s most prominent girl groups such as 2NE1, f (X), Wonder Girls, SISTAR , Girls Day, SNSD, miss A, SECRET, 4MINUTE, T-ara, KARA.

Apink is the only 2nd generation girl group that still works actively among the
A series of 2nd generation girl groups disbanded and stopped working

Most of the 2nd generation’s outstanding girl groups have disbanded or couldn’t maintain the original number of members, their music activities have also been frozen for a long time, causing the reputation and popularity to also decrease over time. Along with that is the launch of new promising groups, which also makes the 2nd generation idol groups increasingly overshadowed. Therefore, with the passing of the “7-year curse” and maintaining the number of members, Apink’s position after 8 years of debut is very respectable.

Apink is the only 2nd generation girl group that still works actively among the
Apink is currently the only second generation girl group that is still active

It is easy to see that, over the past 2 years, Kpop is dominated by the 3rd generation idol groups. The evidence is that on the online community pages, in the Daesang owner list, no 2nd generation girl groups can be seen, most of the topics were centered around TWICE, BlackPink or Red Velvet, .. However, in the two concerts SBS Gayo Daejun and KBS Song Festival held at the end of the year, Apink is the only 2nd generation girl group named in the line up that is completely dominated by 3rd generation music groups, this has made longtime Kpop fans feel very indebted and somewhat regretful, thinking about the 2nd generation of extremely talented girl groups.

Apink’s performance at SBS Gayo Daejun 2018
Apink is also the only 2nd generation girl group performing at 2018 KBS Song Festival

Not only keeping the number of members, but Apink also has a very active music activity, not to mention “I’m So Sick” – the 7th anniversary of the debut song released on July 2nd in 2018. This is the song that marked a great change in music style and Apink’s fashion after years of their debut. Referring to the current Apink, the audience no longer thinks of innocent girls but instead is a much more attractive and mature image. In addition, Apink is no longer pursuing the fun of bubblegum pop music but has chosen more mature R&B music for this comeback.

Apink is the only 2nd generation girl group that still works actively among the
“I’m So Sick” marked the first time of Apink’s style change after 8 years of debut
“I’m So Sick” MV – A Pink

Following the success of changing the image, Apink continued to pursue a luxurious and glamorous image in the most recent comeback with the song “Eung Eung” released on January 7th, 2019.

In this comeback, Apink received a lot of compliments and the song also got a good ranking on the charts right after its release as it reached number 1 on the 3 charts Bugs, Naver, Soribada. ; no.5 on Genie and no.9 on MelOn

Apink continues to pursue the image of luxury and charm.
“Eung Eung” MV – Apink
Achievements of “Eung Eung” after releasing

Although the group’s popularity is no longer the same as 4 years ago, Apink has now built its own image and style, has a firm foothold on the Kpop map and maintains a stable influence at the time. Currently, this is difficult to achieve for a group that has spent 8 years in the industry as Apink. By the trust and hard work of the members, surely Apink will fly together even further in the future.

Source: K14

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