Not only TWICE Jeongyeon but Apink Bomi also suffered from side effects, causing fans to worry about their health conditions

While Apink Bomi’s skinny body after dieting became a hot topic, TWICE Jeongyeon’s health status was also reported on the same day, attracting the attention of netizens.

On February 22nd, a media outlet shared an article posted on an online community on February 21st, saying, “I’m worried about Bomi’s health”. In the article, a video of Apink’s new song “Dilemma” stage that shows Bomi’s skinny appearance was attached.

In fact, Bomi already showed her slender body with her shoulder lines and collarbones revealed in a photo posted on her personal SNS. Compared to when she didn’t carry out activities, Bomi is definitely much skinnier.

It seems like she was on a diet before Apink’s comeback. Bomi once mentioned dieting in a program in the past, and at that time, she confessed, “I lost 8 to 9kg in a hurry”, and revealed that she had suffered side effects of extreme diet, such as atopy, because her immune system got weakened.

TWICE Jeong Yeon Apink Bomi

Perhaps that’s why Bomi, who recently looks weaker than before, was also absent from Apink’s appearance on KBS2’s “Problem Child in House” broadcast on February 15th due to health problems. Since it was the place where Apink announced their comeback with a special album to mark their 10th debut anniversary, fans expressed regrets, saying that they expected to see Apink as the whole group.

Meanwhile, the recent appearance of TWICE Jeongyeon reported on online communities on the same day also caught the attention of fans and the public. Jeongyeon is currently carrying out TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR “III” together with her members, so many photos and videos of Jeongyeon during performances have been uploaded.

The photos and videos showing Jeongyeon’s swollen face and body as if she had gained some weight spread not only on online communities but also through various SNS sites. 

TWICE Jeong Yeon Apink Bomi

While TWICE looks really happy to meet fans as a complete group of 9 members after such a long time, fans have also raised concerns about Jeongyeon’s health condition since her expressions look really bad. Many fans are worried that Jeongyeon might haven’t fully recovered from her neck disc injury.

Earlier, Jeongyeon suspended her activities 4 times due to health reasons, such as panic and anxiety disorders. Knowing that Jeongyeon’s weight gain was due to the side effects of steroids, fans felt even sadder. Therefore, they are showing support and cheers for Jeongyeon so that she could fully recover as soon as possible and finish the performances successfully.

Meanwhile, TWICE, including Jeongyeon, opened their solo concert “TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’” at KSPO DOME in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 25th and 26th of December last year. The girl group began their U.S tour with a two-day show (Feb 15th and Feb 16th) in Los Angeles.


Apink, Bomi’s group, is carrying out promotional activities after releasing the new song “Dilemma” on February 14th. On February 22nd, Apink won No.1 on SBS MTV’s “The Show” and expressed their gratitude to fans.

The new title “Dilemma” expresses the feelings of a woman in a dilemma, the conflict between the desire to love and the desire to quit, although she knows the other person’s heart does not belong to her any more. It is known that the world “Dilemma” depicts a situation in which undesirable results would come out no matter which method you choose.

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