Not Jeon Ji Hyun nor Kim Hye Soo… This is the prettiest actress picked by reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho

Attention is focused on the “No.1 visual” celebrity selected by Youtuber Lee Jin Ho, who used to be an entertainment reporter.

On January 29th, Lee Jin Ho uploaded a video titled “400,000 subscribers celebration Q&A | No.1 top visual actress, surprising showbiz behind stories”.

In the video, Lee Jin Ho said, “I already mentioned the person who I think is the prettiest star. Some people think I said that because I have some close relationships with that celebrity’s company. That’s not true. Here is the prettiest star in my heart”. He then mentioned only one person.

That’s actress Song Hye Kyo. Lee Jin Ho continued, “Song Hye Kyo is very beautiful. She’s the prettiest. I have no relationship with her agency. I just think she’s the prettiest star”, adding “I interviewed many celebrities but haven’t seen anyone who can beat Song Hye Kyo”. He explained, “Of course, it’s funny that a normal person like me is talking about who is pretty and who is not, but that’s my opinion, right?”.

Song Hye Kyo

Emphasizing that Song Hye Kyo is his No.1 visual celebrity, Lee Jin Ho said, “It’s hard to remember anyone to place 2nd after Song Hye Kyo. Song Hye Kyo has such a great impact”.

He continued, “This person has a different vibe. In the case of Jeon Ji Hyun, she’s like a real celebrity among celebrities. It’s not easy to approach her. But I still think Song Hye Kyo is prettier.”

When asked, “What about Kim Hye Soo?”, Lee Jin Ho jokingly said, “I personally don’t really like Kim Hye Soo”, adding “I went to a movie interview with a reporter who is handsome like Song Joong Ki and Kim Hye Soo didn’t look at me once during that whole interview of more than an hour. I don’t like her since then”.

Kim Hye Soo Familyhood

On the broadcast, Lee Jin Ho also picked the most handsome male actors. He said, “There are two people. They have the handsomeness that only actors have. The first person is So Ji Sub. I saw So Ji Sub smoking on the rooftop and he was very handsome. The second one is Kang Dong Won. I met him on the filming set. He just smiled and didn’t say much.”

Cha Eun Woo thumbnail

The Youtuber added, “Of course, Cha Eun Woo is the most handsome star among young people these days. But he has a refreshing vibe, like a student.”

Source: Wikitree

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