Not BLACKPINK or aespa, this Korean group has been invited to Coachella for 3 times

This hip-hop group from Korea received explosive reactions at Coachella, and a member even brought his daughter!

The world famous music festival Coachella just returned with a lineup full of famous international artists and successfully attracted viewers from all over the globe. 

Kpop fans, in particular, paid so much attention to 2NE1 and aespa, that they seemed to have forgotten about another Korean representative – the hip hop legend Epik High. Compared to 2NE1 and aespa, who got to perform through the music company 88 Rising, Epik High was on the official lineup and was invited by Coachella organizers themselves.  

Epik High performing “Born Hater” at Coachella 2022. 

Epik High never failed to fire up the audience, leading to explosive reactions at their stages. Here, they performed a series of hits with powerful live rapping – a signature of all Epik High’s performances. 

Epik High
Epik High brought to Coachella a series of iconic stages. 

Even after Coachella, Epik High still went viral when the member Tablo expressed his love for his daughter on SNS. In particular, the rapper tweeted after his performance that: “My daughter was here watching from the side of the stage. Thank you to everyone who came and made it possible for us to share this moment. It means the world to her, and she is my world.” 

Epik High
Tablo melted fans’ hearts with his love-filled tweet. 

Epik High is regarded as a “digital monster” in Korea, and is the first Korean group to be invited to Coachella. Coachella 2022 is actually their third time being invited as a part of the official lineup, proving the group’s high standing in the music industry. They first performed at Coachella 2016, and were invited again in 2020, alongside BIGBANG. However, the music festival was canceled that year, due to the Corona pandemic. 

Epik High
Not BLACKPINK, aespa, nor 2NE1, the most invited Korean artist at Coachella is actually Epik High. 
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