NMIXX Sullyoon’s side profile and stunning beauty surprised netizens, “Is this how she looks in real life?”

NMIXX Sullyoon is making headlines with her doll-like beauty.

Nmixx Sullyoon

A photo of Sullyoon’s side profile was posted on NMIXX’s official Instagram account on March 5th.

The picture was released along with the caption, “We were fascinated by Sullyoon on the day we filmed relay dance, so we took a picture of our baby Sullyoon”.

They mentioned Bae, another member of NMIXX, in the hashtag, suggesting that she was the one who took the photo.

Nmixx Sullyoon

Sullyoon, who debuted with NMIXX last month, attracted keen attention with her appearance resembling Tzuyu, a member of the senior girl group TWICE.

Fans called her a deer-like idol because she has a long neck which contrasts with her small face. 

In this photo, her attractive side profile was captured, catching the eyes of netizens. The photo has been spread to many online communities under the title “Real feeling”, drawing attention.

Meanwhile, NMIXX is carrying out many promotions for their debut single “AD MARE”. 

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