Nike and G-Dragon unveil highly-anticipated collaboration sneaker Kwondo 2 

Nike and G-Dragon’s highly anticipated collaboration, the Kwondo 2 sneakers, have finally been revealed. 

The Kwondo 2 sneakers are a follow-up to the Kwondo 1 sneakers that were released two years ago and saw resale prices skyrocket to millions of won.

KWONDO G-dragon

On March 30th, G-Dragon shared several photos of the limited edition Kwondo 2 sneakers on his Instagram. The sneakers are a mix of black and white, and unlike their all-white predecessor, the Kwondo 2 has a black Nike swoosh logo on the sides, outsole, and the front of the shoe. 

The sneakers also feature the signature branding of G-Dragon’s fashion label, Peaceminusone, which is detachable.

KWONDO G-dragon
KWONDO G-dragon

While Nike has not officially announced the release date of the Kwondo 2, speculations indicate that they may be available for purchase on Nike’s reservation system on April 11th. 

It is still unknown how many pairs will be released or whether the sneakers will be sold through a raffle system like the Kwondo 1.

G-Dragon and Nike have been collaborating since 2019 and have released popular sneakers like the Air Force 1 Peaceminusone and Kwondo 1. 

The Kwondo 1 sneakers were designed to incorporate G-Dragon’s Taekwondo background and Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan. They were originally priced at 219,000 won but quickly sold out and saw resale prices soar to over 20 million won.

The unveiling of the Kwondo 2 sneakers has generated excitement among fans who have been eagerly waiting for the release of the sneakers. 

Netizens expressed their excitement on social media with comments like “They’re really pretty,” “I love the design,” “I need to save up for these,” “The Kwondo 2 is like the Dunk Low Black Whale version,” and “Please let me buy these.”

Source: Wikitree

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