NewJeans Receives Plaque Of Korean Tourism Honorary Ambassador Appointment

The 4th-generation K-pop girl group NewJeans from HYBE has officially become the face of Korean tourism this year

On July 11th, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism appointed NewJeans as Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism in 2024. They also delivered the plaque of honorary ambassador appointment to the girl group.

NewJeans was chosen as the Honorary Ambassador for Korean Tourism this year to target the global 2030 generation.  


Last year, 35.6% of foreign tourists visiting Korea were under the age of 30, and 84% were individual travelers. In particular, the No.1 reason for their interest in traveling to Korea was “After watching Korean Wave content” (32.1%). 

With the concept of “Koreans’ Korea”, which means a real Korean trip introduced by Koreans that you cannot find by searching on the Internet, the advertisements feature NewJeans visiting traditional markets, dipping gimbap in tteokbokki sauce, enjoying cup noodles after hiking, and eating chungmu gimbap at the beach.

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