NewJeans’ MV for “OMG”: Catchy song, hidden message about mental health 

NewJeans once again made fans go crazy about their MV. 

After the pre-release song “Ditto” that swept all digital music charts, NewJeans officially released the title song “OMG” and the album of the same name on January 3. NewJeans’ MV for “OMG” has a fun storyline with many hidden meanings. Introducing a new and unique image, NewJeans once again affirms that they are a “monster rookie.”

NewJeans – OMG

Set in a hospital, “OMG” MV changes scenes continuously, focusing on conveying the message of mental health. The MV of more than 6 minutes impresses with the acting of Hanni, reflecting the lives of young people who are being “shrunk” on the phone screen. NewJeans explores mental issues in a new way, from opening with a scene where Hanni is lost in the iPhone screen to cinematic scenes throughout. The details in the MV also contain many meaningful messages.

Hanni impresses with her acting 
“OMG” MV switches scenes continuously set at a mental hospital

In particular, NewJeans focuses on describing each image for the members. Famous for her cute look like a cat, Haerin turns into a cat right in the MV. This scene quickly went viral on social media and made fans come up with different theories. The MV also includes images from old MVs and stages of New Jeans. Once again, the visual part is maximized to show the New Jeans’ colors. 

Haerin has a cat transformation
Past images of NewJeans are shown 

In terms of music, “OMG” is a soft but addictive song like “Hurt”. With the audience’s reaction to “Ditto”, “OMG” is expected to continue to climb digital music charts. Quality music has always been NewJeans’ strength.


Netizens’ comments:

  • The MV highlights the strengths of each member, everyone is pretty and stands out. 
  • The MV is creative, the music is good, the choreography is cute too, OMG really makes me go omg!
  • The synchronized choreography is so eye-catching. The storyline is fun. NewJeans has the best MVs! 
  • The MV is so unique. New Jeans’ concept is so refreshing.
  • “OMG” MV is full of meanings about mental health. I admire Min Hee Jin’s brain!

Source: k14

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