NewJeans Hyein, “Minji’s MBTI is ESTJ. She upset me once”

NewJeans Hyein told the story of when she was sad because of Minji’s words. 

On December 1st, a video titled “MBTI Exploration Time EP.1 | NewJeans” was uploaded on the official channel of NewJeans.

The members gathered and talked about each other’s MBTI. They also did a test to check if there were any members whose MBTI changed. 

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While discussing the difference between MBTI categories T (Thinking) and F (Feeling), Minji said, “The biggest discussion with MBTI is about the difference between T and F. When a friend says, ‘I’m sick’, a T would ask if they’ve been to the hospital. But an F would feel (upset)”, slurring her words at the end.

Minji immediately added, “Sorry, I’m not an F”, explaining why she couldn’t sympathize with the situation. Knowing Minji’s MBTI is ESTJ, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein burst into laughter. Hanni reacted, “It was a good effort”.

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Hyein, who was identified as an INFP through the test, confessed her sadness, saying, “I went to the hospital a while ago and told Minji about it. So she asked me, ‘Did you ask the doctor properly? So it was a cold or a flu?’”

new jeans hyein
new jeans hyein

Explaining her logical response, Minji said, “It’s because I was worried about Hyein. I wanted her to get better quickly, so I asked if she got the proper prescription at the hospital and whether she talked to the doctor properly. I was trying to ask how sick she was or if she had a fever.”

Hyein also said she understood Minji’s reaction, saying, “Still, I can feel Minji’s concern from the way she spoke.”

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Meanwhile, New Jeans is scheduled to make a comeback with the new single album ‘OMG’ in January.

Source: Nate

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