NewJeans Haerin drew mixed opinions for cat-like visuals, not truly a top visual?

With her unique aura and cat-like features, Haerin of NewJeans receives a lot of love, but there’s also a fair share of controversial reactions. 

There’s no denying the impact and popularity of rookie girl group NewJeans nowadays. The group, which consists of 5 members, never ceases to attract attention for their stunning visuals, but it is often Haerin that draws the most discussion. In particular, the female idol flaunts a unique vibe with her chic and cat-like facial features. 

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At the same time, with her modern appearance and outstanding photo-taking skill, Haerin is considered the “next-generation selfie goddess”. Coupled with her mysterious aura and chicness, the female idol often goes viral on the net, even with her simple daily life photo. 

Gorgeous and unique as she is, Haerin also receives mixed opinions regarding the topic of her visuals. In particular, after an article titled “NewJeans Haerin is perhaps the prettiest celebrity” was published on the Korean forum pann, various netizens expressed their different opinions, with some saying that HYBE is going too far with their “media play” regarding Haerin’s visual. 


In particular, these netizens claim that Haerin stands out due to her face, which resembles a cat. However, there have been various cat-like idols in the past, with notable names including BLACKPINK Jennie, ITZY Yeji, and Wonder Girls Sohee. Therefore, the netizens claimed that while  Haerin is pretty in her own terms, calling her “the prettiest celebrity” is going too far, especially while the female idol still lacks stage presence due to her inexperience. 

Haerin’s fancams don’t always have the highest views within NewJeans. Her most famous stage is the cover of Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” with the viral “omona” moment. Haerin stands out for her charming cat-like visuals and Y2K vibes, but some netizens are not sure if she is on the same level as other 4th gen top female visuals. Moreover, when it comes to Haerin’s stage presence, some netizens also have divided opinions. 

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Some netizens’ comments:

  • She’s really pretty, but I think she’s a bit overrated. Calling her the prettiest is a bit…
  • Her face has everything I wish for.
  • Haerin’s face has no flaws.  
  • Jennie, Yeji, Sohee are all famous for their cat eyes, plus they are very good on stage. Haerin is pretty but I think she can improve when she’s on stage. 
  • She looks special but I wouldn’t say she is a top visual or the prettiest. 
  • Your bias or not, you gotta admit Haerin is pretty. Her features are clear and outstanding. She takes pretty selfies, is introverted and charming. She dances well too. 

Source: K14

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