NewJeans Fandom Send Protect Trucks to HYBE, Shows Support for ADOR?

Various protest trucks showing support for ADOR and NewJeans have appeared in front of HYBE’s headquarters. 

On May 16, a topic about NewJeans fandom sending several protest trucks to HYBE was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”. 

According to this topic, there were a total of 2 trucks bearing different messages, accusing HYBE of targeting and disrespective NewJeans. Particularly, the messages read, “HYBE should respect ADOR, NewJeans, and K-pop”, “Stop using the artists for media manipulation. Cease your dirty actions”, “Do you think we don’t know about HYBE’s media play and smear campaigns?”, “Protect the artists? Do you think we are stupid?”, “NewJeans has sold out Tokyo Dome only to be sold. Who’s the cheating bastard here?”, “Immediately cease malicious media play that damages NewJeans’ image!”. 

Regarding the trucks, many netizens have expressed concerns that the fandom’s actions may only aggravate HYBE’s actions towards NewJeans. However, many agree with the fans, stating that HYBE have been taking things too far. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I’m just worried that HYBE would treat NewJeans worse after this…
  • NewJeans and ADOR, everyone is cheering for you. HYBE needs to come to their sense
  • NewJeans and fans, please stay strong 
  • It was Haerin’s birthday and there was no comeback promotion at all for NewJeans, HYBE is truly treating NewJeans like sh*t
  • The messages are really well chosen. NewJeans fighting!

Source: theqoo

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