New drama “Today’s Webtoon” unveils still cuts of Kim Se-jeong with lovely bob hair

Singer-actress Kim Se-jeong has transformed into her character in the new drama “Today’s Webtoon”, showing off her refreshing charms.

The production team of SBS’s drama “Today’s Webtoon”, starring Kim Se-jeong as the female lead, recently released several still cuts, raising high expectations ahead of the drama’s official broadcast.

The released photos show Kim Se-jeong, who gives off a lively atmosphere after cutting her long hair, smiling brightly. The positive energy from the new appearance of Kim Se-jeong, who always smiles regardless of place and situation, caught fans’ attention.

“Today’s Webtoon” tells about the dynamic office life of people in the webtoon industry and the growth of On Ma-eum, a former judo player who enters the webtoon world as a rookie webtoon editor. 

Kim Se-jeong will portray On Ma-eum and join Neon’s webtoon editorial department as a rookie editor who struggles a lot in the new field. In the drama, On Ma-eum, who is a bright and confident person, runs toward her second dream as a webtoon editor after giving up on her first dream of becoming a national team’s judo athlete. 

Fans are already giving compliments on Kim Se-jeong’s new image in “Today’s Webtoon”, saying that her bright smile and energetic personality suit the role of On Ma-eum so well. Expectations are high for the acting performances of Kim Se-jeong, who perfectly portrayed an office romance in SBS’s drama “Business Proposal”, in her next work “Today’s Webtoon”.

Meanwhile, Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon-soo will also appear in this drama as the male leads and work with Kim Se-jeong. “Today’s Webtoon”, a remake of the famous Japanese series “Jūhan Shuttai!”, is scheduled to air its first episode at 10 p.m on July 29th. 

Source: insight

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