Netizens wonder if TWICE has lost their heat as the new release “Moonlight Sunrise” is not charting high in Korea

TWICE’s recently released second single “Moonlight Sunrise” is not performing well.

TWICE is one of the major groups from the BIG 3 company JYP Entertainment. They used to be considered a top K-pop girl group with various mega-hit songs. However, public responses to TWICE’s music releases have become less enthusiastic since 2021. In the summer of 2022, TWICE announced their grand comeback amid the fierce competition of K-pop girl groups but failed to stand out. The sluggish situation continues with their new English single “Moonlight Sunrise”.

Although TWICE’s current performance is not as good as that during their heyday in 2016-2017, the girl group is still maintaining a solid fandom and stable achievements. However, the most recent release of the JYP girl group is not doing well on music charts. TWICE used to stay in TOP 5 but “Moonlight Sunrise” only reached No.172 on Genie and could not enter Melon, Bugs, etc.

Current situation of “Moonlight Sunrise” on music charts

TWICE attracted over 12 million Youtube views for “Moonlight Sunrise” music video within a day of its release, which is fairly good compared to that of many groups but not impressive. Considering the big fandom of TWICE, many people think TWICE has lost their heat. 

“Moonlight Sunrise” gained 15 million views after 24 hours.

Despite the poor performance in the domestic music market, the song rose to a high position on iTunes rankings in many countries and is only behind Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” on the Worldwide Chart.

Source: K14

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