Netizens Showed Mixed Reactions To Lee Min Ho’s Appearance In Date Announcement Video Of “Pachinko 2”

Lee Min Ho's visuals once again become a controversial topic.

After a long time away from the screen, Lee Min Ho is expected to dominate the media with two upcoming projects. In addition to the movie “Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint” in which he co-starred with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, he also appeared in the drama “Pachinko 2,” whose date announcement video has been released on May 31.

Pachinko” is a series released in 2022 and was highly appreciated by international experts. This work was where Lee Min Ho showed a completely different side of himself. After 2 years, the information about part 2 of this series with the same cast has finally been revealed.

In the recent date announcement video, Lee Min Ho’s appearance is quite brief. In particular, Lee Min Ho performed Michael Jackson’s classic dance in a video game store. Many fans are very excited to see Lee Min Ho showing off his dancing skills, while others focus their attention on his appearance. In recent years, Lee Min Ho has continuously caused controversy over his changed appearance. He was repeatedly criticized for being out of shape and showing signs of age. This time, Lee Min Ho is again criticized by some viewers for his appearance.

lee min ho pachinko 2 thumbnail

Some of the comments are as follows:

  • Lee Min Ho should seriously consider managing himself, he’s not that old.
  • I know it’s for the drama, but it is true Lee Min Ho looks older.
  • No longer a handsome man in my heart.
  • Are people too strict? This is for the drama.
  • This is not the first time, for many years Lee Min Ho has been letting himself go. Acting in a wartime movie doesn’t mean you have to be fat…

In fact, since “Pachinko 1,” Lee Min Ho has caused controversy over his appearance. However, objectively speaking, the role in this production requires him to fit the image of a sophisticated man with life experience who rises in the business world and lives in a time of great social change. In the drama, he plays Hansu, the son of a poor family exiled in Japan, who returns to Korea to do business and meets Sun Ja (Kim Min Ha). Even though he was married, Hansu deceives her, making Sun Ja pregnant, which opens up a series of events later in the female lead’s life.

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