Netizens say even in a poor and dusty styling, Lee Min Ho still looks rich

Lee Min Ho’s character in “Pachinko” doesn’t look wealthy and flashy all the time. 

Although he is a globally famous A-list actor, Lee Min Ho used to draw mixed reactions to his acting. He came under controversy as some viewers claimed his acting is monotonous and he always sticks to the same image of a rich and flawlessly handsome character. But through “Pachinko”, Lee Min Ho has shown a complete transformation in both acting and image. Not only does he play a villain for the first time and film steamy love-making scenes, there are also scenes where Lee Min Ho appears with a poor and dusty look in “Pachinko”. 

There are scenes where Lee Min Ho looks poor in “Pachinko”  

This new image of Lee Min Ho revealed in the trailer of “Pachinko” has drawn excitement and curiosity from the audience. He is also said to look much skinnier in this particular scene. However, netizens say that even in a styling that is supposed to make him look miserable and ugly, Lee Min Ho still looks handsome and gives off rich vibes. 


Netizens’ comments:

  • His face really does not suit playing poor characters. Even when he looks dusty, he still looks like a chaebol 
  • This comeback is really a turning point for Lee Min Ho. He plays someone poor and villainous for the first time. 
  • His rich aura is still radiant
  • He can’t never look poor with that visuals 

In “Pachinko”, Lee Min Ho plays a Korean exiled to Japan during a time of turmoil. He later had a rich life, returned home, became an effective henchman of the Japanese army. In addition to the sinful love story with an innocent, deceived girl, Lee Min Ho’s past story has not been explored much. If specifically exploited, the scenes of Han Su’s tragedy, suffering and poverty would probably be uncountable.

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