Netizens said BLACKPINK Jisoo is overly confident with her acting skills?

A comment made by BLACKPINK Jisoo regarding her acting career has been drawing mixed reactions from netizens. 

Back in December 2021, BLACKPINK Jisoo officially tried her hand at acting via a leading role in the K-drama “Snowdrop”. Through the series, the female idol left a deep impression, and gained a lot of praise for her acting skills. As a result, many fans are curious about her future plans regarding the acting field. 


Recently, this was brought up in an interview with GQ magazine, where Jisoo discussed all sorts of topics, from her life to work. In one segment, the BLACKPINK member was asked to pick an acting genre she would like to try, to which Jisoo answered, “I’ll choose super-climax action heroes. The martial arts director at the action school said I seem to have a knack for action…”

Also for taekwondo, I had a white belt. I.. can do well..!”, she added.

Blackpink Jisoo

Shortly after the interview was released, a topic titled “BLACKPINK Jisoo’s confidence in acting” was published on the Korean forum pann, drawing a lot of mixed reactions. In particular, some netizens expressed that they would like Jisoo to practice more before showing such confidence. They also claimed that Jisoo scored a leading role partly due to the influence of her company and popularity, and not because of her abilities. 

However, many others defended Jisoo, saying that the female idol was only recalling a comment from another, and did not sound at all overly confident. She does not deserve to receive such negative comments, they said. 

In 2021, Jisoo took on the female lead role in JTBC’s drama “Snowdrop”. In the first episodes, Jisoo’s acting received mixed reviews. Korean viewers claimed Jisoo’s somewhat unnatural intonation and diction hindered her ability to fully express the character’s emotions. 

However, in later episodes, Jisoo drew more positive reactions for her improvement in delivery of lines and emotions. Jisoo was particularly praised for her acting skills in sad and crying scenes.

In addition, her convincing chemistry with Jung Hae In also earned compliments. The romantic scenes made many viewers ship the two after watching “Snowdrop”. After “Snowdrop” ended, Jisoo was even evaluated by experts as having the potential to become the new generation’s “melodrama queen”.

Jisoo is one of the most attention-grabbing names among female idols-turned-actresses. However, in order for Jisoo to succeed with her acting career in the long run, netizens think she still needs more practice.

Source: Pann

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