Netizens point out the commonalities between Nam Joo Hyuk’s screen lovers

Many netizens have noticed the common point between Nam Joo Hyuk’s screen lovers.

Life not only gives Nam Joo Hyuk a handsome look, but also gives him many opportunities to cooperate with the most beautiful women in Korea. Each of them looks different, but one interesting thing in common between them is that they always cut their bangs every time they appear on screen with Nam Joo Hyuk.

Kim Tae Ri (Twenty Five Twenty One)

The newest female lead who just fell in love with Nam Joo Hyuk is none other than Kim Tae Ri. Her character in ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ has a pretty cool personality, so short bangs + layered hair ends seem to be the best choice. Thanks to this hairstyle, Kim Tae Ri looks like a schoolgirl despite the fact that she is over 30 years old.

Twenty five twenty one
Twenty Five Twenty One

Lee Sung Kyung (Weightlifting Fairy)

Also wearing short bangs on her eyebrows, but Lee Sung Kyung chose to have a bob hairstyle and dyed it light brown to better match the somewhat funny image of the character in the drama. This was also the hairstyle that went viral throughout Asia at the time it aired.

Nam Joo Hyuk screen lovers
Nam Joo Hyuk's screen lovers

Suzy (Start-Up)

Suzy has traditional thin bangs that reach to her eyebrows and are curled to the sides. This hairstyle makes Suzy’s already soft face softer and sweeter.

Han Ji Min (The Light In Your Eyes)

Han Ji Min is likened to a combination of Lee Sung Kyung and Suzy because she simultaneously cut her bob and thin bangs during the filming of the movie The Light In Your Eyes. Compared to when she has long hair, this hairstyle really makes her look younger


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