A look back at past visuals of infamous celebrity mistress Kim Min Hee

With her alluring beauty and good acting skills, Kim Min Hee could have become a top actress if she hadn’t been involved in an extramarital affair. 

Kim Min Hee is not only known for her beauty and talent but also her scandalous personal life as “the other woman”. She openly admitted to having an affair with married director Hong Sang Soo, disregarded criticism from the public opinion, even destroying her own rising career domestically just to be in a relationship born from cheating. Looking back at her career and potential, the audience still cannot help but find it regrettable. 

Kim Min Hee started out as a teen model. When she went to school, she stood out from her friends thanks to her impressive height of 1.7 m and great body proportions. Therefore, when she was in middle school, Kim Min Hee was hired as a photo model for teen magazines. However, Kim Min Hee‘s face when she was young was not considered to be pretty based on Korean beauty standards. Her features are not exceptional but what makes Kim Min Hee catch the eye is the attractive aura and unique charm that she exudes.

Kim Min Hee during her school and modeling days 
Her features defy common standards in Korea and her aura is what helps her stand out 

From a teenage model, Kim Min Hee had the opportunity to start acting when she was offered the role of rebellious student Shim Hye Won in School 2. At the time, her acting was not highly appreciated. The public only remembered Kim Min Hee for her real-life affairs with famous male celebrities, instead of her on-screen performance. However, her hard work in improving helped Kim Min Hee successfully convince the audience with her performance. She won Best Actress for the first time for her brilliant acting in the critically acclaimed film “The Handmaiden” at the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2016 after receiving back-to-back nominations for the same category in 2012 and 2013. Kim Min Hee was considered one of the most talented actresses of Korean cinema, before she got swept up in controversy over her personal life. 

Currently, Kim Min Hee is still engaged in acting activities, but mainly in projects of her boyfriend that are released in Europe. 

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