Netizens in love with Red Velvet’s princess-like outfits on the goodbye stage for “Feel My Rhythm”

Red Velvet has been showered with praise for their styling this comeback. 

Red Velvet is best known for their unique music color and diverse, colorful concepts. However, in the past, there were times when Red Velvet stylists came under fire for dressing the members in weird and experimental outfits. Fortunately, that is not the case with their latest comeback. With a fairytale concept in “Feel My Rhythm”, Red Velvet continued to appear in classic yet luxurious styling, most notably the custom-made ballerina dresses that make them look like princesses. 

red velvet
Extraordinary should be used to describe Red Velvet’s outfits for Feel My Rhythm 
Red Velvet
Many netizens say Red Velvet’s outfits for “Feel My Rhythm” are the most beautiful across all eras. They are most invested too because most of them are custom made with great attention to details. 
red velvet
No longer having to wear cheesy, sloppy and messy outfits, Red Velvet is now perfectly styled in terms of outfits, accessories and makeup.
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