Netizens gave mixed reactions to Nayeon’s trimmed-down front teeth 

They feel regretful now that Nayeon’s signature “bunny teeth” is gone. 

Speaking of Nayeon, fans are immediately reminded of her “bunny teeth” that stood out from her debut. Not considered a flaw but a sign of youthfulness, Nayeon has frequently been mistaken to be the youngest member in TWICE for her cuteness and juvenile image. 

TWICE Nayeon

However, it came as a surprise to fans when they realized Nayeon mended her front teeth to reshape them to a normal size. Moreover, she adopted the habit of covering her smile with her hand, a gesture that drew more attention from netizens to this change. 

TWICE Nayeon
TWICE Nayeon
Nayeon’s “bunny teeth” is now gone; netizens were quick to spot the difference 
TWICE Nayeon
In a close-up video, Nayeon’s “bunny teeth” was trimmed down considerably 

However, her fans said that Nayeon wanted to do this change from two years ago but she postponed until this day because her fans liked it. Netizens supported her decision but expressed their regret now that her well-known attribute was gone. 

Several netizens’ comments: 

  • Nayeon’s “bunny teeth” are pretty but if they grow too big, they can affect her dental hygiene. Nayeon should do anything that makes her feel confident. 
  • I support Nayeon’s decision. It’s good for her health and allows her to experiment with more mature styles. 
  • It’s Nayeon so every image will look good on her. 

Source: k14

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