Netizens Criticize Agency For Sexualizing Cignature Members In New MV

The comeback music video “Poongdung” of the girl group Cignature is controversial because of its provocative scenes

On June 10th, the girl group Cignature under C9 Entertainment made their comeback by releasing their 5th EP album “Sweetie but Saltie” and a music video for the title song “Poongdung”.

Shot with a summer concept to match the energetic energy of the song, the music video gives off a refreshing atmosphere like a summer party. However, netizens who encountered the MV raised issues over several scenes.

Some people pointed out that some scenes in the MV were directed in a way that clearly sexualized Cignature and the members’ outfits were also too revealing.

International fans of Cignature shared some cut videos on X (formerly Twitter) and criticized the girl group’s company for sexualizing the members using the summer concept. They also pointed out the members’ uncomfortable expressions when wearing bikinis.

It was not the first time Cignature was sexualized. Earlier last year, member Jeewon appeared on a variety show. In the content, the MCs talked about Jeewon’s performance at Waterbomb summer music festival and showed pictures captured from her fancams focusing only on her chest. In response, Jeewon could only smile awkwardly.

Source: Krb

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