Netizens condemn Lucas after newly-released photo with SM CEO and choreography video

After his scandal, Lucas appeared in the same photo with the CEO of SM Entertainment and published a new video, causing outrage.

Recently, the CEO of SM Entertainment published a photo taken with NCT and SuperM member Lucas, drawing attention. This is Lucas’s first public appearance since his hiatus following a scandal in August 2021. 

In addition, Lucas also published a choreography video on his Instagram, signaling his comeback to the entertainment industry. However, the male idol’s possible return is enraging a lot of netizens.

The male idol also published a choreography video

Particularly, several netizens and fans of NCT believe that Lucas’s return may negatively affect the group’s activities. According to them, if the male idol wants to return, he should debut as a soloist, instead of coming back with NCT and SuperM. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • His scandal may cause people to view NCT in a negative light. He should promote solo instead of affecting the group
  • Whether his scandal was real or not, it’s impossible to deny that he has negatively impacted his groups 
  • If SM want Lucas to return, they should promote him as a soloist and remove him from NCT and SuperM
  • I hope his return won’t paint other members in a bad light 
  • This is an expected move from SM, but they shouldn’t disregard the feelings of fans 

Prior to his scandal, Lucas was recognized as a talented and handsome member of NCT and SuperM. However, in August 2021, he was accused of asking for money from his fans and dating multiple fans at the same time. There were also allegations of Lucas insulting his own parents as well as fellow group members, leading to the male idol going on a long hiatus. 


Eventually, Lucas released an apology for his past actions, and his image was largely tainted. His groups, including NCT, WayV, SuperM, and a subunit with Hendery, was also negatively impacted, causing outrage among many fans. 

Source: k14

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