Netizens are saying these A-list actors are the perfect cast for the “10 years later” Season 2 of “All Of Us Are Dead”

The imaginary casting of Netflix’s “All Of Us Are Dead” season 2 was made by fans, drawing explosive reactions. 

Season 2 of All Of Us Are Dead
“All Of Us Are Dead” poster on Netflix

Recently, a post titled “All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Casting (Spoiler alert)” was made on the Facebook page “Want to Become a Fan,” drawing attention. The post contains an imaginary casting lineup for the main characters of All Of Us Are Dead Season 2along with their photos.

The cast is created for “10 years after the incident…” when the main characters return to Hyosan City.

Kim Ji-won was chosen to play Nam On-jo (Park Ji-hoo) in “All Of Us Are Dead” season 2. Actress Yoon Se-ah was selected as Jang Ha-ri (Ha Seung-ri), actress Jeon Yeo-bin as Choi Nam-ra (Jo Yi-hyun), actor Lee Dong-gun as Lee Soo-hyuk (Park Solomon), actress Jeon So-min as Lee Na-yeon (Lee Yoo-mi), and actress Seo Hyun-Jin as Seo Hyo-ryeong (Kim Bo-yoon). Lastly, Lee Chung-san was hoped to be played by singer Min Kyung-hoon.

The actors who were listed on the Season 2 imaginary casting list caught fans’ eyes because their faces and aura were unknowingly similar to those who appeared in Season 1.

Netizens responded enthusiastically to the casting, leaving comments such as “Oh, they look alike,” “Oh, so funny. I thought it was real, but they all look alike,” and “Why do they look strangely alike?”

Season 2 of All Of Us Are Dead
The cast of “All Of Us Are Dead”/ Netflix Korea’s official Instagram account

In a video interview with reporters on February 7th, “All Of Us Are Dead” director Lee Jae-kyu expressed his wish regarding season 2.

“We need to see what will happen because things are changing rapidly,” he said adding, “I hope that it (season 2) will be possible if many people love it.” “If season 1 was the survival period of humans, season 2 would be the survival period of zombies,” he said.

All Of Us Are Dead” is a Netflix series that tells the story of those isolated in a high school where the zombie virus has spread and those who try to save them suffer from an extreme situation where they cannot know what will happen ahead. At the same time as the work was released, “All Of Us Are Dead” was gaining popularity with a lot of love and attention from Korea and around the world.

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