Netizens are impressed by Kep1er Dayeon’s live rap skills + say she sounds like a YG idol

Dayeon is considered the “ace” of rookie girl group Kep1er.

Kep1er, a 9-member rookie girl group that came out of Mnet’s survival show Girls Planet 999 is drawing much attention with their debut with the title track WA DA DA on January 3.

WA DA DA MV – Kep1er 

Because the lineup of Kep1er was selected through fans’ votes, the members’ skills used to face mixed reactions. However, Kep1er’s live performance has shut down the prejudices against the group’s talent. In particular, Kep1er’s main rapper Dayeon has received plenty of praise for her talent and charm. Thanks to her good rapping skills and charismatic stage presence, the 19-year-old female idol has attracted a lot of fans within a short time. Dayeon is currently one of the most popular members of the group, along with Bahiyyih, Chaehyun, Xiao Ting, Yujin

Kep1er Dayeon rap
Main rapper Dayeon is considered the “ace” of Kep1er 

In a radio show Kep1er attended to promote WA DA DA, Dayeon confidently showed off her live rapping skills. Without background music or any auto tune, Dayeon’s voice sounds exactly like the audio version, as if she was “eating CD”.
Dayeon shows off her amazing live voice with her part in WA DA DA that sounds no different from the audio 

Netizens gave her compliments:

  • Wow, she sounds just like the audio version
  • I like Dayeon’s part the most
  • Dayeon’s rap is the killing part of WA DA DA
  • Dayeon carries the entire rap line 
  • When the contract with Kep1er expires, she should join YG
  • She has YG style, like Jennie.
  • I became Dayeon’s fan after listening to her live voice 
  • Dayeon’s rap sounds both powerful and trendy.
  • The group’s ace hits different 
  • No auto tune, yet she sounds the same as the audio
Kep1er Dayeon rap
Dayeon is praised for her rap skills
Kep1er Dayeon rap
Dayeon is said to suit YG and give off similar vibes to BLACKPINK’s Jennie 


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