Netizens are angry as Sakura (LE SSERAFIM) was dressed with a revealing see-through skirt by the stylist

LE SSERAFIM’s costumes, especially Sakura’s in the recent video, make fans unhappy.

Referring to the most controversial rookie group this year, the name LE SSERAFIM – the newly-debuted girl group under HYBE will definitely be mentioned first. Not only because of the controversy related to member Kim Garam, but the company’s way of promoting this girl group also caused them to receive mixed opinions many times.

LE SSERAFIM has always been a hot topic on social networking sites since before debut until now

Recently, the group’s outfit issue also sparked controversy on social media because the company let the members, especially Sakura, wear sensitive see-through clothes. Specifically, the girls released the behind the scene of the ‘FEARLESS‘ jacket shooting on May 4. In particular, outfits for the girls’ mermaid concept were considered offensive and inappropriate.

Le Sserafim
The group pursues a feminine and seductive style
But their outfits are too revealing

The one who caught the most attention was Sakura. This female idol inherently possesses a sweet visual and a perfect figure, but her revealing skirt and crop top accidentally make her image become less elegant in the eyes of netizens. On the other hand, this inappropriate outfit might cause her to be harassed or criticized by netizens.

LESSERAFIM’s controversial outfits

K-netizens’ comments:

  • Are LE SSERAFIM’s stylists their anti-fans?
  • Sakura’s costume is the most shocking
  • Why did they make Sakura wear that see-through outfit?
  • They should have styled her with other clothes under that see-through skirt
  • OMG, what kind of dress is she wearing?
  • They called it the mermaid concept but is this really the right choice?
  • Who’s their stylist?
  • Sakura’s see-through skirt is not beautiful at all… It’s too revealing

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