Netizens applauded Kim Go Eun for her kind gesture on Children’s Day

On Children’s Day, actress Kim Go Eun decided to share her blessings with low-income children.

According to Kim Go Eun’s agency BH Entertainment, the actress recently donated 50 million won (around 40,000 USD) to Seoul National University’s Children’s Hospital. 

Kim Go Eun

This is her 2nd donation to the organization, and will be used in a meaningful way to treat low-income children who have financial difficulties and struggle from chronic or severe diseases. 

Talking of her action, the actress shared through her agency that: “I was told that my donation was precious to many children and was deeply moved. I will continue to carefully observe those around me and try to repay the love I received from many people.”

Kim Go-eun

The year 2022 marks Kim Go Eun’s 10th year in the acting industry. Throughout her career, the actress has made extraordinary efforts in spreading a culture of kindness via assisting the lives of children in Korea, supporting the nation’s preventative measures for Covid-19, and contributing to assuage wildfire damage within the country. 

Kim Go Eun’s recent gesture on Children’s Day has earned numerous compliments from netizens, who called the actress “a good influence”, “cool”, and referred to the news as “a heart-warming action”. 

The actress will return to the small screen this June in the original TVING series “Yumi’s Cells” season 2. 

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