Netflix’s Political Drama “Queenmaker” Faced with Negative Comments Before Its Release

Controversy surrounds Netflix’s upcoming drama “Queenmaker” due to online hate comments regarding its political themes and cast.

Netflix’s upcoming political drama “Queenmaker” has been generating buzz since its casting, which includes popular actresses Kim Hee Ae and Moon So Ri. However, even before its release, the show has been the subject of online negative comments.

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On March 30th, Netflix Korea released a poster for “Queenmaker” on its YouTube channel, describing the show as a “political show with an imaginative framing, created by a genius image maker who has lived like a weed like a human rights lawyer.” 

The drama, which consists of 11 episodes, features Kim Hee Ae as Hwang Do Hee, a top executive of a major corporation, and Moon So Ri as Oh Kyung Sook, a labor rights lawyer. Oh Kyung Sook decides to run for the Seoul mayoral race after she catches Hwang Do Hee’s attention while fighting against the corporation that he works for.

The released trailer highlights the intense race for the 39th Seoul mayoral by-election. After refusing to make someone else a mayor and leaving the company she worked for for over ten years, Hwang Do Hee encourages Oh Kyung Sook to run for the Seoul mayoral race to fix the power that the wealthy Eun Sung Group holds.

Despite the drama’s promising plot and high-profile cast, many netizens left negative comments even before its release. They left comments such as: “Isn’t this a political spec for human rights lawyers?” “Is that damn human rights lawyer back again?” and “Let’s get a grip on the atmosphere. Why is Netflix investing in writers and PDs who want to look good in the political realm?”

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One netizen criticized, “Don’t create something like this when it’s clear how much Koreans hate politicians just by reading the comments.”

Another netizen pointed out that the casting of Kim Hee Ae and Moon So Ri as the lead roles perpetuated the so-called “feminism” and “PC culture.” 

A netizen also criticized Moon So Ri for speaking out about the Itaewon disaster during her speech at the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards, saying, “Moon So Ri is putting her political beliefs into the awards ceremony again. Don’t invite her to any of these events even if this drama becomes a hit. If she’s going to do that, she should just be a politician. She’s turning a public award ceremony into her own political platform.”

Source: Wikitree

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