Baek Jin Hee makes promising return to the K-drama scene with “The Real Has Come” 

It takes actress Baek Jin Hee five years to come back to the drama scene. 

Baek Jin Hee just returned to the drama scene after 5 years without an official role. This time, the actress goes for “The Real Has Come”, a family drama with a typical motif of a marriage contract. Despite boasting a familiar plot, the series manages to record a 20% rating for the second episode, boosting the series to become the K-drama with the highest viewership rating at present. 

Baek Jin Hee

Here, Baek Jin Hee plays Oh Yeon Doo, an online language instructor who becomes famous on the Internet out of the blue. At the same time, Oh Yeon Doo discovers she is pregnant with a child of her ex. In that situation, she decides to “officialize” the pregnancy by a contractual marriage with the OB-GYN doctor Gong Tae Kyung (Ahn Jae Hyun). Starring in the drama series, Baek Jin Hee appears with short hair and a simple image. 

Baek Jin Hee
Baek Jin Hee’s everyday image 

Baek Jin Hee started acting 2008 and nailed a leading role in 2009 with “High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged”. Appearing in the sitcom, Jin Hee was loved for her natural acting style and cute appearance. However, it was not until “Empress Ki” that she shone the brightest. As the villain Tanashili, Baek Jin Hee had a breakthrough and became a major star. However, the period drama felt like a one-hit wonder, as the actress was not able to replicate the same success later in her career. 

Baek Jin Hee
Baek Jin Hee

From that point onwards to 2018, Baek Jin Hee rarely took on new projects and only appeared as a guest star on different dramas. After 5 years, her comeback with “The Real Has Come” carries so much potential that fans hope this can be the actress’ next breakthrough. 

Source: K14

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