NCT Jaehyun to sit out of another radio schedule due to health reasons

NCT Jaehyun is reportedly absent from another radio schedule to take care of his health. 

On April 18th, SM Entertainment released an announcement, “Jaehyun will not attend the radio program ‘Hope Song at Noon’ scheduled for the 19th.”

Earlier, on the same day of the announcement, Jaehyun also had to sit out of another radio schedule with the subunit DOJAEJUNG on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”. Jaehyun was reportedly experiencing symptoms of body aches.


In providing the reasons for Jaehyun’s continued absence, SM said, “[the absence] is for Jaehyun’s sufficient rest,” adding, “It’s a decision made to recover his health, so we ask for your understanding.” The agency stated, “We will do our best to help the artist recover so that fans are not worried.”

However, the singer will attend the pre-recording of M Countdown scheduled for later in the afternoon.

DOJAEJUNG is a fixed subunit of NCT. On April 17th, the unit released their first mini-album “Perfume”, along with the music video for their title track of the same name, and topped major music charts.

Source: Dispatch 

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